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Sustainability at DESY


It is becoming increasingly clear that humanity is facing enormous social challenges, for example the adaptation to climate change. Moreover, demographic change, loss of biodiversity and equal opportunities belong to the major concerns of the 21st century. If we want to leave a liveable world to our descendants, all of us must live more sustainably.

Research infrastructures use a wide range of resources. The responsible and sensible management of these should be a key element of organisational culture.

Apart from the employees and their knowledge and skills, the resources which also require a responsible use include infrastructure, tools, materials, raw, auxiliary and operating materials, as well as energy, financial resources or data.

In its guiding principles, DESY commits itself to sustainability: “Our behaviour follows social, ecological and ethical standards. As far as the structure of our research is concerned, we commit ourselves to the development of sustainable concepts. We advocate the responsible handling of natural resources.”

In its Strategy 2030, DESY incorporated methods of implementation. In the Rules of Business and Operations there is also a reference to sustainability: “Before carrying out and implementing an activity, the impacts of that action on people, resources and the environment must be factored into the assessment and the decision-making process (e.g. when planning new facilities, making new procurements). Among others, during the entire life cycle, the consumption of resources such as energy, (cooling-) water, materials etc., must be kept as sparing and low as possible.”

With the purpose to set up an effective and trustworthy sustainability management and to establish a culture of responsibility for the resources, DESY set up a sustainability unit.

D6 vor der Anlage PETRA III

D6 at PETRA.

Strategy 2030

Broschure "DESY 2030. Our Strategy for the Future"
(PDF 3,3 MB)

Mission and guiding principles

Broschure "Mission and guiding principles of the research centre DESY" (PDF 3,5 MB)

According to the handbook for sustainability management in non-university research organisations (LeNa handbook (in German)) co-authored and published by Helmholtz, and in collaboration with many DESY departments, a strategic approach and a concrete work plan were developed.