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About us

Dr. Denise




Dr. Denise Völker

Head of Sustainability

Denise Völker (*1973) has been active in the environmental and sustainability business since 1999. She is not only an engineer but also holds a doctorate in political science and has worked for Greenpeace, Pro Quote and the Tollwood Festival. Her career has taken her to the Amazon Basin and the depths of Siberia.

You can find an interview with Denise Völker on page 7 of DESYinform 1/2019, the staff magazin of the DESY research centre.


Dr. Kathrin




Dr. Kathrin Schulz

Focus: Sustainable Buildings - Support for Sustainability Grants

Kathrin Schulz (*1974) holds a doctorate in physics and she knows DESY already from her study time. After her active years of research in the ALICE experiment at CERN, she worked in the PT.DESY project management agency, providing advice and support to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in specialist and research policy issues and associated research funding.



Eva Leister

Focus: Energy management

Eva Leister (*1988) has also been familiar with DESY since her student days at the University of Hamburg, where she completed a B.Sc. in physics. She supplemented this with an M.Sc. in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency at the University of Kassel. For her master's thesis, she returned to DESY, where she conducted and subsequently implemented a feasibility study on waste heat utilization at the cryogenic facility. Since then, she has increasingly dedicated herself to the topic of energy management at DESY and has, among other things, set up an energy monitoring system with various departments.


Frank Merker

Focus: Energy monitoring

Frank Merker (*1962) studied electrical engineering at today's HAW with power engineering as a special focus. After graduating with an engineering diploma (FH), he gained many years of experience in the field of automation technology. After his further training as an energy manager, Frank Merker introduced and operated the ISO 50001 energy management system in an industrial company.



Dr. Andrea




Dr. Andrea Klumpp


Andrea Klumpp (*1975) studied physics at the University of Kaiserslautern and received her PhD here in Hamburg at the Center for Optical Quantum Technologies. Her specialty is simulations. A very good prerequisite for the new task: Andrea Klumpp is responsible for determining the energy profile of the new storage ring technology for PETRA IV and - in connection with the materials used - for developing and realizing ideas for more sustainability.