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Helmholtz Sustainability Talk

Helmholtz Sustainability Talk on April 19, 2021


Helmholtz Sustainability Talk on April 19, 2021

Green hydrogen - in talk

Produced with sunlight: a climate-friendly alternative?

Representatives from Helmholtz science, politics, business and NGOs met for the Helmholtz Sustainability Talk on April 19, 2021. They discussed how a hydrogen economy can be developed and established in a sustainable and resource-saving way. The talk was moderated by Hamburg climate expert Frank Böttcher.

We need fascination for the topic of hydrogen and sustainable energy economy, Hamburg's mayor Peter Tschentscher is convinced of that. The decarbonization of the transport sector and the industry is such a big task that all developments and strategies should be considered. This includes green hydrogen, but also battery research and other technologies to make the economy more sustainable.

Without basic research, many developments in the field of energy research are not possible, Simone Techert pointed out. Through research on X-ray light sources at DESY, for example, her research group has developed mini power plants that are smaller than a hair's thickness. These cells mimic nature and produce hydrogen from sunlight and water.

Greenpeace executive director Martin Kaiser called for the expansion of wind and solar energy, saying that only green electricity could produce green hydrogen. He warned that fossil fuels should not be used to produce hydrogen. In 2021, he said, it was a matter of setting the course for not exceeding the climate target of 1.5 degrees of global warming agreed in Paris.

Economic expert Claudia Kemfert spoke about hydrogen playing a key role in strategies for the future of energy at European and international level. However, she warned that not all countries have a sustainable energy economy in mind. There are also strategies to produce hydrogen with fossil energy or nuclear power, which would not be able to achieve climate goals.

Helmholtz scientist Katja Bühler is conducting research on the biotechnological production of hydrogen using photosynthetically active microbes. As an advisor to the German government's National Hydrogen Council, she warned against misinterpreting hydrogen as a panacea. Rather, she said, hydrogen is a piece of the puzzle in the overall strategy toward a sustainable energy economy.

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